August: Letter to my love by Nerisha Kemraj

September: with regards to my heart by Linda M. Crate

October: Succulent Triumph by Ethan Hedman

November: Threnody for Camilla by Richard King Perkins II

December: Dear, Delicious Reader by Anna Kander


January: Father O’Brien’s Unsent Letter by Rochelle Sherbert

February: see how seasons change without changing by Maribel C. Pagan

March: The Body’s Last Wishes by M. Stone

April: Dear Prof, with Regret by E.B. Gula

*Summer Recess*

August: To My Dear, Dead Grandmother by MK Smyth

September: Letter to a Lost Poem by Lucan by Jake Sheff

October: Vegan Vampire by Benjamin Niespodziany

November: Proximity by Jessica Bergquist

December: Letter to a Stranger by Joanna Weston


January: I can’t by Lauren Suchenski

February: Snowman by Linda Wojtowick

March: Please Understand by SaraGrace Griffin