Dear, Delicious Reader

By Anna Kander


dear, delicious reader—


imagine life guided by instruction books

or two-minute YouTube videos about cooking


pour yourself into the mix

stretch laughter like gooey cheese

in love, melt like chocolate

i have measured words for you

and baked them into poems—

a girl grows up

loses her brother

meets the wrong teacher

remakes herself,

adding new ingredients

cold-pressed oils and grilled fish with scales

are not the only surfaces that shine like mirrors

ink reflects, too

with love,


Anna Kander is a writer in the Midwest. “Dear Reader” is a preface to her first book of poetry, currently under consideration by publishers. Kander’s poems (about a girl, her brother, and her teacher) are published or forthcoming in several journals, including Star*Line, Leveler, and Train. Find more at