Letter to my love

by Nerisha Kemraj

Dear Justin,

      Isn’t it amazing how you find the time to “listen” to what I have to “say,” now that I have left? I am sure it’s somewhat easier as you don’t have to look into my searching eyes any more. I sit here writing this letter, reminiscing over our photo album containing countless memories of happier times. It has just dawned on me that perhaps on every occasion a picture had been captured, a little bit of happiness was left behind inside them because that would certainly explain the diminishing love between us.

      Don’t worry, Justin, this is not one of my “long and boring” novels that I’m forcing you to listen to. But like them, there is a beginning, a middle and an end. Through this letter I wish to convey to you the words that my mouth have failed to make your ears hear – the message from my heart. This is a summary of a few chapters within the novel of our lives.

      Over the years things have changed – our surroundings, lodgings, jobs and even us. But the most drastic transformation has been our relationship. We went from finishing one another’s sentences to not knowing what the other is saying. Communication was lost with the passing of time. It is understandable to a certain extent – you have your job and I have mine. Be that as it may, when we are together, there is no physical nor mental connection. Our minds are wandering somewhere else. We’ve both fallen prey to digital technology, socially interactive with others instead of amongst ourselves.

      I’m glad that I have this piano in the corner of the room to talk to. The one that you had so often devotedly played for me. How our hearts had danced to its tunes, together as one, back then. Yet today, the tears dance within my eyes because the keyboard looks as forlorn as I have become. At least the vessel listens to me, and at times, I swear it speaks to me in volumes that you no longer do. Imagine that, a talking piano?!

      It’s excruciating that we have succumbed to this, becoming strangers in the room where we once had nothing to hide, and even the walls had known our thoughts. The best thing for us at this point is for me to give you the space that you so longingly desire. And maybe then we shall realise the standing that we have in each other’s lives.

      In the box, you will find a perfect Osiria rose, like the one that marked the starting of our first date, allowing it to bloom into a wonderful relationship. The different colours stem from one bud just like two hearts to one soul. I hope that this beautiful flower signifies regrowth, for us both.

      I’m leaving you now, to find myself. So that you can find me. . . when you find yourself.

With all my love,


Nerisha Kemraj is an avid poet and writer. Hailing from Durban, she currently resides in Gauteng, South Africa with her engineer husband, Hiren Ramjiwan and two young daughters. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Science from the University of South Africa and is a freelance writer and proofreader.

Find her published works here: Ripenthepage.com (February 2017); Youth Imagination (June 2017); Ariel Chart (August 2017); for news on forthcoming works, visit her Facebook page.